Removing hunk of hump smart

Published 12:01 am Thursday, March 11, 2010

After decades of watching their predecessors simply shrug their shoulders and look the other direction, we’re glad to see Natchez city leaders quickly alleviating a serious safety issue.

We applaud the City of Natchez’s leaders for finally putting into place a plan to help lessen the hazard of the “hump” that has wrecked dozens of Canal Street motorists through the years.

Plans call for removing approximately 12 to 16 inches from the top of the hump.

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That should help smooth out the ride for motorists and be a little less of a temptation for thrill-seekers who have used it for an adrenaline ramp for generations.

Critics of the work say to blame the hump for accidents — including the New Year’s Day accident that severely injured two local teens — is misguided.

They’re correct in a literal sense: The hump hasn’t hurt anyone; careless and reckless driving has. But the temptation of such a public hazard shouldn’t be ignored.

Another road hazard of sorts is the condition of Monroe Street. Why did the past city administrations let the railroad company off the hook when the tracks were removed from Monroe Street in the first place?

Somehow the city allowed the railroad company to merely patch the road. Instead the city should have demanded the entire road surface be smoothed out and repaved. Now we got a mess of a patched road.

If it’s not too late, perhaps that should be another road project to get some attention.

In the meantime, the lowering of the hump is a good action by the city, worthy of praise, and, perhaps, potentially a life saver.