Franklin Co. event more than mules

Published 12:08 am Friday, March 12, 2010

Obviously, Cain Madden and I attended two different Franklin County Bicentennial Celebrations this past weekend.

The mule pulling (now, I like mules) and the motorcycle show were great and very crowded but there was so much more going on the entire weekend. The committee worked so hard to put on this 200-year celebration for the founding of Franklin County.

There was a great art show and a fantastic Indian artifacts display at the library shown by local private collectors. Dianne Wallace and Pete Oglesby had an antique quilt display at the Meadville Baptist Fellowship Hal that was amazing. Along with the quilts that were made by Franklin Countian’s ancestors, they also had antique artifacts and a quilt-making demonstration going on all during the day. There was a parade, children’s pet show, Midway Cemetery tour and continuous live music on the bicentennial stage all day.

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At the American Legion Hut, there was a very moving tribute to the veterans who also brought along their own memorabilia. This brought you to your knees as you were once again made aware of their sacrifices. Children from the Franklin County public schools were everywhere helping with information, while the Franklin High band led the parade and played for the opening ceremony.

Many more activities were going on that I was unable to get to because of time and visiting with former classmates and old friends. It was a wonderful weekend, and the committee met for a year at the Franklin County Museum in Meadville (which also has a great permanent display of artifacts open to the public) to prepare for this special celebration.

As I said before, I like mules, but, Mr. Madden, your article in The Democrat gave short shrift to this memorable celebration and hardworking group!

Sherry Scarbrough Jones

Natchez resident