Local residents adjust to daylight-saving time

Published 12:59 am Monday, March 15, 2010

NATCHEZ — Angelita Jones made all the preparations.

She was sure to set everyone’s watch and change all the clocks.

But, despite being prepared for daylight-saving time she was still feeling a little sluggish Sunday morning.

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“When the alarm clock went off I thought I would just stay in bed a few more minutes,” she said. “That few minutes turned into an hour so I guess I didn’t really lose an hour of sleep.”

Jones said after the first day, she really enjoys daylight-saving time because of the extra hours of sunshine.

“The weather is usually really nice during this time, and I love being outside,” she said.

The only bad thing, and Jones said it only slightly bad, is that her four children, 4-year old twins Maya and Leah Jones, 10-year-old Jamien McCallister and 15-year-old Maurice Gibson Jr., want to stay outside and play instead of coming in to get ready for bedtime.

“They love being outside so more sunlight means they can do that more,” she said. “But it does get hard when I need them to come in at (7 p.m.) and start winding down.”

While Jones was sure to set her clocks an hour ahead, Jessie Conrad wasn’t as prepared.

“I didn’t change a single clock,” she said. “I didn’t even realize it until I got a phone call this morning and I was thinking ‘Uh-oh, I’m going to be late for church.’”

Conrad was able to make it to church just a few minutes behind schedule despite waking up an hour later then a normal Sunday.

And despite a hurried start to the day, Conrad said she actually likes the time change.

“I love it because I get to be out more and not come home in the dark,” she said.

Beatrice King doesn’t have the same kind feelings for daylight-saving time.

“I’d prefer they just pick one time and stay with it,” she said. “I don’t really care if it is standard time or daylight-saving time, I just don’t see a need to change during the year.”