Signs of springtime blooming

Published 1:08 am Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is beginning to bloom around us, and even though we’re still tired from the time change, we know the week to come will be a great one.

But before we look ahead to beautiful days, blue skies and hot pink azaleas, let’s remember the great news of last week.

Adams County farmers Larry Allen and Jerome Arnold hope to have a field full of watermelons soon. The duo got creative this year to create a fast, efficient melon-planting system. Smart farmers like these help keep our community growing, and we look forward to some great watermelons soon.

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Vidalia High School’s basketball team had quite a season, but no single game compared to the way the boys played Friday night. Vidalia quickly and easily defeated Carroll, claiming a much dreamed about state championship. Congratulations guys; you worked hard and have been rewarded.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Junior Deputy program is up and running, and Saturday the children learned about safety. We are happy to see this program making a difference for area children again.

Natchez High School hosted its first track meet in many years Saturday. Track has always been a strong sport for the Bulldogs, and it’s great to see a new, shiny track ready for runners.

As spring descends, we’ll simply sit back, smell the roses and enjoy life in the Miss-Lou.