Hospital board member resigns

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NATCHEZ — Dan Bland has resigned from the Natchez Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees.

Hospital board attorney Walter Brown said Bland notified the trustees at their meeting last week of his intentions.

The Adams County Board of Supervisors learned of the resignation Monday from their attorney, Bobby Cox.

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Bland was the chairman of the hospital board.

Bland’s departure leaves the board of supervisors with three openings to fill on the hospital board.

Board member Bernie Pyron submitted his resignation in February. Renza Grennell’s term expired in February.

Grennell can continue to serve until her replacement is named, Brown said.

And Bland’s letter of resignation said he would also continue to serve until an appointment is made, Brown said.

Pyron has only attended one meeting of the board since his resignation, and Brown said the board was operating on the premise that Pyron is no longer a member.

Board of Supervisors President Darryl Grennell said the county board would make nominations, set up interviews and choose new trustees soon.

Nominations are due in the next two weeks.

Brown said the board still has enough attending members to have a quorum and will continue with its twice-monthly meetings, including the next one March 24.

Annual officer elections are set for the first meeting in March, but were delayed at the last trustee meeting because of the existing open slots.

Bland did not return calls Monday, but Brown said the resignation letter cited a desire to spend time with family and travel more.

The hospital board has been at the center of public attention in recent years as Natchez Regional entered bankruptcy, went up for sale and reported financial stability once again.

Last month, at a meeting of hospital employees and the board of supervisors, both sides agreed the hospital board had not been appropriately reporting good news coming from the hospital.

County Supervisor Henry Watts said then that all of the hospital board members should be fired.

But Darryl Grennell said Monday that he doesn’t see the recent turnover on the board as a side effect of recent woes.

“Normally, we have two seats that come up at the same time (for re-appointment),” Grennell said.