Parent University offers fun learning

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 19, 2010

Natchez-Adams School District is putting the final link in the chain by hosting Parent University No. 2.

This event will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, in the Natchez High School Auditorium. We invite all public and non-public schools, parents, students, faculty, staff and the entire community to attend.

This event will enhance your skills and knowledge in all subject areas: English, math, reading, history, MCT2 and Subject Area Testing.

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There will be break-out sessions for all subject areas. The Natchez-Adams School District is providing this event with teachers volunteering to share a wealth of knowledge to prepare our students on test- taking skills and the ability to enter the workforce place in society as productive citizens. The Natchez-Adams School District presenters are as follow:

West Primary:

Courtney Feltus and Kim Godfrey —“Magical Math,” for kindergarten

Kit Spears and Brandy Landaiches — “Reading Rocks,” for kindergarten

Frazier Primary:

Jennifer Hale — Reading for first and second grade

Amanda Wilson — Math for first and second grade

McLaurin Elementary:

Third-grade reading and math teachers — “Land O Learning”

Shelia Sewell — “Caution No Book Included,” for fourth grade

Evelyn Geter —“Teasing the Brain,” for gifted students and parents

Morgantown Elementary:

Toni Martin and Shanetra Jones — “Math Fraction Follies,” for fifth grade

Robert Lewis Middle:

Ashley Ellis — “Understanding Author’s Purpose,” for seventh- and eighth-grade English

Dr. Arcola Sullivan — MCT2 Math “Bringing Down the House”

Natchez High:

Creseda Crawford and Prentiss Hinton — U. S. History

Lillie Bryant and Lance Reed — “Teaching Algebra Graphically”

Issac King and Delilah Mitchell — Biology I

Cheryl Veal-Johnson, Iris Myles and Angela Reynolds, Natchez High guidance counselors, will assist parents who have questions on subject selections, graduation requirements and Subject Area Testing.

The Natchez-Adams School District nurses and speech language pathologists will be available to check blood pressure, hearing and vision screening for adults.

The Morgantown Maestros will present a delightful evening of entertainment under the direction of Ms. Tema Larry.

Lots of door prizes will be given away! Enjoy the chain linking connection with parents, students, teachers and community as we find that learning and fun combined will enhance the education of all.

A light supper will be served.

For more information contact your child’s parent liaison.

West Primary: Augustine McCaleb — 601-445-4494

Frazier Primary: Deborah Lyles — 601-442-1296

McLaurin Elementary: Cookie Gibbons — 601-445-8250

Morgantown Elementary: Luvenia Gaylor — 601-445-2910

Robert Lewis Middle: Joyce Newell — 601-445-2925

Natchez High: Angelita Jones — 601-445-2988

The Parent University is sponsored by Natchez-Adams School District’s Office of Federal Programs.

Cookie Gibbons is the parent liaison for McLaurin Elementary School.