Celebrate Christ with Easter musical

Published 1:26 am Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, it’s about that time again. Pastor Melvin White along with the writers, directors assistants and the entire Pilgrim Baptist Church family are preparing for the fifth annual stage play drama, “Passion of the Christ” or (“Lashes of Passion”).

Of course we believe that everyone maybe familiar with the ever so popular, Biblical depiction of Christ’s gruesome crucifixion. Therefore, all over the country a skit, play, or some sort of re-enactment of the phenomenal story is being portrayed.

This is why the Pilgrim Baptist Church Performing Art’z Ministry utilizes this method to invite everyone, within the viewing of this article, to one of the most detailed performances of its kind.

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This musical will be presented in only one performance at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, April 4, Easter.

This production is more musically inclined than our former “Passion” performances. We wanted to provide you the audience as well as the cast with an “all new” experience on this “Passion” journey. This production will also serve as a memorial reflection for one of our longtime performers, who passed away a few months ago.

There is a special tribute in honor of the late great Sis. Margaret Minor, who played the role of the woman at the well, since the first day of the “Passion” productions of Pilgrim Baptist Church Performing Art’z Ministry. She, without a doubt is greatly missed in this performance, which is why we would be re-miss, had we not dedicated a reflection of her scene in this play.

All of the performing arts ministry, past and current members along with band members truly wanted to be included in this great tribute. We are elated that Bro. Alvin Shelby, one of Natchez’s musical ministers will be accompanying us in this “Passion” performance along with KeJuane Hawkins, Willie B. Jones, Diartis Hudson of Lake Charles, La., Freddie Quinn of Byram and Ephraim Calhoun of Jackson. Truly, this is one “Passion” that you wouldn’t want to miss.

This drama entails, new scenes, lighting and music. But one of the most awe-inspiring scenes that literally sets the stage, is that special touch that our very own graphic and stage designer, Sis. Ruby Lucas, displays for the “Passion” play.

If you’ve not witnessed her design of Golgotha Hill, where she has laced the hill with the perfect portions of reflected lighting, then you’re missing the beauty of glory. Mere words can’t express what beautiful sight to behold after her presentation of the Golgotha is erected onto the stage for the “Passion” performance.

Deacon Gary Stewart, Edwin Green Sr. and Coach Henry Garner will all act in the production, which is a must see for everyone.

This production is a must see for everyone. Again we utilize this method to invite all churches, rich the poor, all denominations and every living soul.

This ministry showcases Jesus Christ. It is never about us in this ministry, but all about Jesus Christ where the true and living God is spotlighted. Mark your calendars to attend this one night performance of the “Passion of the Christ” stage play musical in the auditorium of Pilgrim Baptist Church, 117 Pilgrim Blvd., next to Winn Pharmacy.

For more information on this production please contact me at 601-442-5767 or 601-807-3357, for more updates tune into 97.7 WTYJ, Bluff City Post Newspaper, Cable One Communication or e-mail the Performing Art’z Ministry at pbcperformarts@aol.com for updates of upcoming performances.

We look forward to seeing your face in the place Easter night. Until we meet on April 4 I pray you will be abundantly blessed.

Vickie Green is the writer/director of the Pilgrim Baptist Church Performing Art’z Ministry.