Coordinating churches will feed hungry

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 25, 2010

Churches sharing the bread of life — chewy and eternal — have been the backbone of our American communities for centuries.

For a nation built on the phrase “In God We Trust,” it’s easy for us all to look to the neighborhood church in times of need.

Dozens of Miss-Lou residents call out for help from a variety of local churches each month. And a helping hand reaches back willingly.

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As the largest food pantry in Adams County closes this month, the tried and true church pantries will still swing their doors wide open, thankfully.

Volunteers — not paid employees — make most of these pantries tick. Donations from the congregation purchase the food.

And we have no doubt that our local religious community will do what it takes to cover the local need.

But maybe it is time to coordinate our individual efforts and add in a few more helping hands.

Could the local ministerial alliance coordinate with individual food pantries to create a distribution schedule, an annual fundraiser and a good system of serving those in need?

A bit of work may be needed on the front end, but after the framework is established, each church could continue to provide its own volunteers and donations.

Together, these groups would become bigger and stronger, and with their help, so would our community.