I’m a Democrat, and proud of it

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 28, 2010

I’m so proud of my Democratic party, President Obama and all the people that had a hand on getting this health care bill passed.

As I always say, I’m a die-hard, yellow dog Democrat and proud of it, because my party has compassion and justice for all the American people.

They have legislated Social Security, Civil Rights and Medicare as laws of the land. Republicans say all this is socialistic, and if they are so against it, they should write “return to sender” on their Social Security and Medicare letters. I then would have respect for them in this action, being this is a free country.

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I feel the threats on the Democratic congressman and their families that voted “yes” to the heath care reform was a disgrace. I hope they catch these threatening people, for I have my opinion who they are.

The Republicans need to work with the Obama so we can get immigration reform, Wall Street and banks regulated to help get our country in line for the better times.

I think people forgot what shape we were in when Obama took the reins from President Bush. We were on our way to another Great Depression, and thanks to the Lord it didn’t happen.

We are gradually climbing out of the hole toward prosperity, and if the Republicans would work with the Democrats, the sky would be the limit.

I ask all Mississippi people when the next state elections come to please vote Democratic and sweep the Republicans out so we can get this state off the bottom. It would be great to see our young people come back to Mississippi to make their living.

I feel people would have more positive thinking instead of all this doom and gloom we have now.

Gene Simonton

Adams County resident