Good deeds highlight good week

Published 12:19 am Monday, March 29, 2010

The pounding steps of dancers at the Natchez Powwow filled the weekend, but the good deeds of our community filled our week.

Let’s review a few great things that happened in the Miss-Lou last week.

The Natchez-Adams School District announced the collection of $7,000 for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Students, staff and administrators donated money and had fundraisers for the cause.

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Vidalia resident Chase Smith isn’t working at a restaurant or in retail like many of his classmates, no, he’s chosen a different type of student job. Smith is learning the ropes at Young’s Funeral Home, becoming aware of how to help grieving families and developing what may very well become a career.

Community leaders are working to find a way to fund at least a community college education for all local graduates. A tuition-assistance program would foot the bill for students who desire to attend Co-Lin, but who may not receive scholarships or grants.

The Daughters of the American Revolution have paid proper tribute to a family of early settlers found buried on the grounds of Rosalie. The remains were re-buried several years ago, but now a monument marks the site as well.

With Pilgrimage, Southern Road to Freedom, the Historic Natchez Pageant and “Southern Exposure” going strong, there’s plenty to do in the Miss-Lou right now and we know life will be great in the coming week.