Humane society offers new way to find sweetheart

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 5, 2010

NATCHEZ — With the click of a mouse, you can save an animal’s life.

The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society unveiled a Web site last week for the purpose of making the shelter’s animals more accessible.

Board Member Kathy Fitch said any animal shelter is difficult on a person’s senses due to noise levels, but that the Humane Society on Liberty Road was particularly difficult.

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“It is very crowded, noisy and smelly,” Fitch said. “It is hard for people to come through at their leisure.”

From the leisure of your computer’s Internet browser, you can now go online and get information about the animals at the shelter.

“People can more easily see how great our animals are and get a better idea if we have what they might be looking for,” Fitch said. “We hope it will help people have more success in picking out the animal that they want.”

Locals Chris and Marina Cavette can vouch for the value of adoption. The couple adopted Estreé, a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix, who fits right in at their business, Natchez Fine Framing and Art Gallery on Main Street.

“I teach little kids to paint and she has been a wonderful work dog for us,” Marina Cavette said. “(The students) love her and are always making up stories about her.”

Chris Cavette said they did not intend to adopt a dog, but then they had a chance to nurse Estreé back to health.

“We fell in love with the little bugger,” he said. “We took in a scared, shaking, shivering little dog, and she turned into a loving animal.”

Rescuing Estreé from a box outside the animal shelter wasn’t only good for the wiry-haired Chihuahua, they said.

“It adds to our life too, she keeps us young,” Chris Cavette said.

“It also makes us feel good because there is one less animal at the shelter,” Marina Cavette said. “That Web site is really going to help once people take to it.”

The Web site, which is located at, not only has many of the animals at the shelter, but it also features happy tails, news and other ways to help the shelter.

Fitch said she would update the Web site about once a week.