History tells us to fear Obama’s moves

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have all become increasingly more polarized in our country unless we are hermits or just don’t want to hear or read about what is going on.

On the one hand, there are a great number of Americans who have embraced Mr. Obama’s call for a transformation of our government, and can find no fault in any of his or the Democrat majority in Congress’s action in enacting health care reforms that will create death squads for the elderly, cripple our health system and bankrupt our country, nor his Environmental Protection Agency’s new regulations on carbon dioxide gases that will cause millions more to be unemployed, or his educational attempts to rewrite history and promote his own ideologies in the schools.

And there are perhaps more Americans now who see Mr. Obama’s programs to be similar to Adolf Hitler’s successful take-over of the Weimar Republic back in 1933, where the German people were duped into believing Hitler’s changes would bring jobs and great benefits but were later shown to be their own enslavement instead.

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We are at a crossroads in our country’s history. Many of our citizens see the benefits that are promised by our new president as being the end-all, that Obama money will come to them and who cares about the rest.

What those that believe in the Obama call for social justice and redistribution of wealth to those who need it because they are unemployed or who are not capable of holding a job should realize is that after the transformation, those people who are not capable will be eliminated in the new socialist society where everyone will either work and be paid for what the government thinks he is worth or be sent to a death camp as was the case in Germany or now be visited by our government’s death squad.

We in America who realize what is happening to us can help to prevent this transformation by first of all being true to ourselves as true Christians, as a people who believe that the truth is always the best way, that honesty in our dealings is always the best way, and that our own integrity is uppermost in our own minds. We can change America to what it used to be, a beacon for everyone around the world for freedom and liberty.

By being good, upstanding citizens we can elicit the same for others through our own examples. And through education by explaining what true history has taught us, not the history that is being taught in the schools today, but what actually happened in the last century when over 100 million people were murdered under communism and socialism, we can show people who think that a transformation into socialism will be good, that it is not what they want after all.

We can explain that the liberals’ darling, Che Guevara, was a murdering monster, that Mao killed over 50,000,000 of his own people, that Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot killed another 50,000,000. If we don’t learn this history of socialism, it will happen again to America.

Remember that Mr. Obama called for a civil army during his campaign for president that would be the equivalent in size to our armed forces with just as much military hardware in order to settle any civil disorders.

History tells us that the same happened in 1932 and 1933 with the establishment of the Brownshirts, the Gestapo, and the SS divisions.

They rounded up everyone who spoke out against their administration and any Jews living in Germany, put them all in concentration camps where they “unfortunately” died.

The leftists, liberals, Progressives or Obama Democrats will say that this could never happen in this country, that this is a scare tactic on the part of Republicans, and that whoever wrote this is a wacko.

They can counter with absurdities put forth by the administration saying things like health care reform will save money and your taxes will stay the same, but they should say instead to themselves, “What if he’s right? Why would Obama need a civil army to incarcerate the population?”

We now are at the crossroads. We either go forward into a socialist or communist nightmare or we turn our backs on it by voting peaceably to get rid of the “progressives” who are promoting the new socialist state!

Andrew Peabody is a Natchez resident.