Peabody words untrue, unpatriotic

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was shocked to read the Top of the Morning that Mr. Andrew Peabody wrote in Thursday’s edition of The Democrat. He related President Obama to Hitler with a history of how Germany came into power in the 1930s and  early 40s.

I personally thought it to be improper for The Natchez Democrat to put into the newspaper the untrue statements made. But, yes thank you Lord we do have freedom of speech and press for all citizens in the USA.

I can’t respect Mr. Peabody’s statements putting fear into people about death squads for the elderly, socialism, the new socialist state and civil army.

When President George Bush was in office I referred to him as my President for respect of the office as that of Bush’s father and Ronald Reagan. But I didn’t place names on them as Mr. Peabody. He should join the T.E.A. party bunch.

If the honest truth would be said about this bunch it is that the people of the USA voted in a black man in and they just can’t accept it.

Obama’s administration has helped to keep us out of a great depression as well as creating legislation to help the middle class as well as all citizens. I feel he has accomplished more good his first year than any other president that served one or two terms in my lifetime.

He has tackled unpopular things such as health care, etc, that the GOP wouldn’t even talk about other than the “no” party putting the USA into a depression when Obama took the reins of power.

Mr. Peabody used the words like Christians and integrity in his article but a person with these qualities wouldn’t make a write-up like this if he was a patriot.

As I’ve said it before, if you feel that way about socialism, put “return to sender” on your Social Security and Medicare checks for that would be the thing you need to do.

Folks when the next state elections come please vote the Democrat party back into the state and get rid of this doom and gloom.

Gene Simonton

Adams County resident