Like pollen, good news is plentiful

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 12, 2010

Anyone able to dig out from under the blanket of pollen surely believes last week was a good one.

Life in the beautiful, blooming South has to have its downsides, we know, so we’ll tolerate the pollen and focus on the rest of the good news.

The Natchez Art Association, a relatively new group in town, recently hosted an art competition for area youth. All the entries were amazing, but special congratulations goes to the first, second and third place winners, Taylor Littleton, Carolyn Mullins and Lilly Smith.

Jalen Russ is a child we’d all like to claim as our own. The Concordia Parish Student of the Year is eager, well spoken, brainy and athletic. He’s certainly a well-rounded package, and since we know he’s going to make us all look good in years to come, we are happy he’s from the Miss-Lou.

Four of the Natchez-Adams School District schools recently received grant money funding improvements in the cafeteria. Combination oven-steamers have replaced deep fat fryers, and area children should enjoy great taste in their less-fattening foods.

The local Kiwanis Club chapter sponsored a workday at Duncan Park Saturday, reminding us that our hands can make a difference in our community, even if only for one day.

As beautiful flowers fill beautiful days, we know life in the Miss-Lou will be just as great in the week to come.