Parent, child should respect each other

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 12, 2010

This is a wakeup call to the young generation in the real world of today.

First, awake and be called to obey God’s commandment to the fullest, teens and pre-teens, young men, women, boys and girls, here and everywhere concerning the real world.

It’s all supposed to start in the home with both parents as role models and go from there. The world is beautiful, but we as a people make the world. Young men, women, boys and girls say to yourselves, “I can do all things. I want a better in my life. I don’t want to waste my life away with drugs, gambling and things that are not right.”

Say to yourselves, “I can be anything I want to be for this is right.” Say to yourselves, “I can be a successful person in my life.” As children and students in all schools, you all should respect yourselves and others as well as for this is right. Most of all, you all should respect your parents and elders who are over you all each day in the school and church and in our community as well, for this is right.

As students, many have good respect for parents that are trying to bring you all up in the right way. Please believe me. Students, it is bad that we need to have law enforcement coming into the schools to restore law and order.

It’s unfair to disrupt your fellow students. If you are there to learn, would you want someone to disrupt you? I don’t think so. Think about what I’m saying.

Most of you all that do wrong at school go home to your parents and tell them untrue things about your teachers and principals.

Many of you all disrespect your parents. What makes parents think you all won’t disrespect others, when most of you all don’t respect yourselves?

When you all are in churches and schools, there should be respect. When you all are on a job you all are supposed to respect your co-workers and abide by their rules for this is right.

To teachers, don’t tell children they can’t learn or that they’ll be nothing in life. You are there to teach not judge them, that’s for God to do.

Listen, students, embrace doctors, lawyers, judges, mayors, deacons, preachers, government, Congress and representatives. Most of the time their children have issues like you. We all are humans. We are all entitled to problems in our lives as a people. Young men, women, boys and girls, we know most of you all watch TV and see there are problems in everyone’s lives here and everywhere.

In different cities and towns and country and other nations for this is wrong. Officers of the law know children. They have issues as well as we have them. God lets us know he will kill out a nation that won’t obey him and build one who will obey him. He lets us know he’s coming back for a church without a spot or blemish. He lets us know they will be for his glory and kingdom.

Children embrace your parents; they are not going to be around forever. Parents, pray all the time for others and your family as well.

Pastor Lula Warfield is a Natchez resident.