Sunday shooter arraigned, claims self-defense

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NATCHEZ — Adams County Justice Court Judge Charlie Vess viewed the woman who admitted to shooting a 17-year-old male Sunday morning as a flight risk.

So Vess set bond for Sonya Irene Robertson at $250,000. Robertson had previously been indicted on charges of burglary in connection with a May 2009 incident. Vess said Robertson’s burglary case was retired without prejudice, which means prosecutors could bring it up later.

It was retired because someone else, Joshua Miller, 30, claimed to be responsible for the burglaries.

Robertson, 16 Sheppard Road, was arrested by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Sunday on charges of aggravated assault (domestic violence).

Robertson, however, reportedly claims that she shot John McClellan Jr. with a .22 rifle in self-defense, said Sheriff Chuck Mayfield.

“(Robertson) said that they had gotten into a squabble,” Mayfield said. “She said she asked him to leave, then fired a couple of warning shots.

“When he kept coming toward her, she said she shot him.”

Mayfield said there was currently no evidence of recent trauma to indicate he had attacked her that night.

There appears to be prior trauma, however, Mayfield said. Robertson has discoloration on one of her eyes, Mayfield said, but he couldn’t confirm McClellan had hit her.

One of the arresting deputies had talked to McClellan briefly before he was airlifted, and said McClellan’s story didn’t match Robertson’s, Mayfield said. The next step in the case is to interview McClellan, Mayfield said. He said McClellan was hit in the lungs and had trouble breathing when the deputy spoke to him.

Mayfield said there was a couple with a 2-year-old toddler asleep in a backroom, but they claim to have not heard anything.

Mayfield said he believes McClellan and Robertson were friends or acquaintances, but that their relationship was still under investigation.