Both sides can be crazy, look at truth

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I agree with Mr. Jim Wiggins about Obama as he wrote his Top of the Morning from last week. Obama is not a Communist. No way is he a Nazi. He does not want to destroy our country.

He does lean to a social-type country.

It can be seen in his wish for government health care and by his own words to spread the wealth, to have more entitlements — folks, that’s socialism.

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The far right does have some unusual ideas. On the other hand, people on the far left claim Bush had dams in New Orleans blown up to force people out of government housing in the Ninth Ward. He supposedly masterminded the plan to fly planes into the twin towers. He is a member of an organization to overthrow the government. Obama’s birth country is something to wonder about.

Mr. Gene Simonton has been squealing about government health care through his letters to the editor for awhile. In about four years he may have it. However, we will start paying now through taxes and higher insurance costs. If you work you will be forced to pay in or be fined by big brother.

Some things about the health care plan will be good, but over all, I think it is going to cost more than we can afford.

The big winners will be the useless people that taxpayers already support from womb to tomb. That’s the ones that could work but won’t.

Then there are people that work but know just how much to make before they quit so they get all income taxes back, plus a big unearned check because they didn’t make enough. These people will soon be getting insurance on taxpayers’ backs.

A news report came out stating 47 percent of our workforce will not pay any federal income tax for 2009. This includes these people that quit so they get all their taxes back. These people wear out taxpayers paying for their entitlements.

To say the government has saved us from a depression is a huge joke. Throwing a bazillion dollars at car companies and banks that should be left to make it or break it on their own, cash for clunkers, cash for caulking, income deductions on electric golf carts and houses for people who may not even pay taxes just won’t get it.

Business people and working people that have workable ideas are always the reason for economic rebound.

If Mr. Simonton works he would know that we pay Social Security and Medicare weekly or quarterly. All the government does is take it and waste it.

When all is said and done, 50 percent of our workforce some time in the future won’t be able to pay it all.

I do agree it is taxpayers’ duty to go to the polls in November and stop this madness. Do not vote for a party; vote for whoever does not want the government to control our lives.

We should be responsible for ourselves. We should pay our own way.

Herbert Braswell

Natchez resident