Democrats can’t win in 2012 election

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 16, 2010

The modern historical pitfalls of liberals (aka secular socialists) are always the economy and foreign policy. These doomed Carter and will doom J. Carter Obama.

The jobless are not forgiving and being duped by foreign thugs is taken personally by many voters plus they become fearful and insecure.

No matter what happens this year, the 17 percent with no job or a lesser job have no party loyalty when it comes to feeding their families.

Excuse time is over and now its crunch time. They are not impressed with $13 trillion of debt either.

It is not what any Republican will do this year. It is what the demo-socialist party will never do. They will never accept reality.

Arrogance is like that.

The Tea Party principles have growing appeal to the common sense of voters after a year of fantasy speeches and foreign bowing.

The liberal media is in a daily hate rage terrified of the next elections.

The economy cannot improve enough to save Obama in 2012 because he can veto any known remedy for the recession.

He is an arrogant, lying, true believer living in his personal Oz land surrounded by a likewise staff. He will veto and veto and veto.

The tax man comes with a heavy stick in 2011 and beyond. Paychecks will take a hit in only nine months as the demo-socialists let cuts expire. Speeches will not change that.

The newly-struggling millions will notice and be angrier than they are now. Then voters will hear of a multitude of new taxes the Democrats have on the drawing boards. How will that snake oil sell in a recession in which the federal government is having a hiring boom and exempting themselves from the health care bill?

Expect more distractions, lies and smears as Democrat policies spread their toxins. It is all they have. It is all they can do or will.

Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident