Reeds’ action should be model for all

Published 12:02 am Thursday, April 22, 2010

Given the choice between siding with someone who is quick to act when something needs to be done or someone who is quick to point a finger, we’ll always side with those with a penchant for action.

Earlier this week, two unassuming Natchez residents quietly gave us all a lesson that actions speak louder than words.

Having seen the grass grow higher and higher around the welcome sign greeting visitors to Natchez that was near their house, Bryant and Jean Reed didn’t fuss or point fingers.

They simply put on their work clothes and handled the problem by cutting the grass and weeds around the sign.

What ensued would be comical if it were not so sad.

Bob Pollard, the Natchez alderman who represents the ward in which the sign is located, claimed the city couldn’t do anything about the grass since it was located on a Mississippi Department of Transportation’s right-of-way.

He was flat wrong, as we later found out. He’d be wise to learn the lesson that one should make sure they know a bit of the truth before they start talking. Further, if you’re going to be quick to point a finger to someone else, you’d better know your facts or you’ll look like a fool when the truth actually comes out.

The city and MDOT had worked out an agreement years ago that allowed city crews to cut the grass on right-of-ways. Now the city’s public works department has vowed that it will take care of the grass in that area going forward.

But hats off to the Reeds for shedding light on the problem in an effective, peaceful manner.

Imagine what our community would be like if we had more folks like Bryant and Jean Reed and perhaps a few less politicians who are quick to point blame elsewhere, but slow to think.