This one’s for you, Ferriday

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 23, 2010

A toast made in Ferriday Wednesday morning may have been one of the most important the town has ever seen.

The mayor and several aldermen raised their glasses to clean water and a new water tank, and everyone deserved to party.

Ferriday has been under a boil-water notice for an unbelievable 344 days.

Though some town officials insisted the water was still drinkable, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals frowned upon the town’s rusted, uncovered tank and issued the boil notice in May 2009.

For months it seemed like every water hole Ferriday tried to plug sprung another leak.

The new tank is a major accomplishment to be commended. It brings the small town one step closer to where it needs to be.

But the work isn’t over yet. A leaning bridge that supports a necessary water line and an aging water plant still need major attention.

A proposed $7 million project would replace the existing plant, making water easier and less expensive to treat.

The current administration needs to make sure it finishes this water marathon.

One race is complete — enjoy your water break — but the next leg is just beginning.

Everyone’s work so far, though, is certainly worthy of that toast.