Gift options abound for last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 9, 2010

NATCHEZ — In the past Kenneth Stewman has waited until Sunday to purchase Mother’s Day gifts, but not this year.

This year, Stewman wanted to make sure he was able to pick out something special for all the mothers in his life — his mother, girlfriend and ex-wife— so he got a head start.

“They are all mothers and Mother’s Day is their day to feel special,” he said.

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He said in the past waiting until the last minute has made selecting just the right gift hard.

“I like to spend time picking out something that reminds me of times we had together or memories we share,” he said. “You want it to be special, but if you get in a hurry or don’t have much to pick from, that can be hard.

“This year I decided to take time before the last minute so I didn’t have to hurry.”

Stewman said even years he has waited until the very last minute, he’s been able to find something the mothers in his life like, which is an encouraging sentiment for those who are in that boat this year.

While some stores will be closed today, there are still options in the Miss-Lou for last minute Mother’s Day shopping.

Cards are always available. But, as Stewman said, it is important to not just pick up the first card on the rack, but rather reflect on the special mother and select one that carries a personal message.

And if the perfect card isn’t available, local stores sell scrapbooking and card making supplies that give crafty children and others the chance to make the most personal card possible.

Pam Frank, organizer of Natchez’s Scrappin’ on the River scrapbooking convention, said homemade cards or craft projects are the type that mother’s will hold on to.

“For kids, they use their own words, and it is in their handwriting and that is a big thing for moms,” she said. “I have every single one of the cards my son has made for me

“Even the ones where he’d write mom in big letters and just draw a stick mom and stick son. That means more to me than going out and spending a lot of money.”

Frank said while creativity doesn’t come naturally to everyone, all it takes is a little thought.

“It is so easy,” she said. “All you really have to do is think about where you are in your relationship and write a few words that reflect that. Making sure it is something personal, from the heart, to me, that is the best thing you can do.”

Many will opt for sweet smelling fresh cut flowers to say “thank you” and “I love you” to moms today, but for women with a green thumb potted plants or hanging baskets provide blooms that will last after cut blooms have lost their color.

Sometimes what mom wants the most is just to hear kind words from those she has loved.

But it is possible to take it one step further with heart-shaped mother’s day jewelry, mother’s day plaques or coffee mugs.

With simple messages commending mothers for the unconditional love and support, these items can remind mothers all year long of their special “job.”

For some moms a relaxing day of beauty pampering is at the top of the “want” list. For at home pampering, a variety of floral or fruity products are available and can be packaged to create a head-to-toe beauty splurge.

Other items like sleep masks and terry cloth hair wraps just take the relaxing up a notch.

For the mother who has everything or doesn’t want a thing, chocolates, cakes or pies are good items that, in her motherly giving spirit, she is likely to share with the ones she loves.

Balloon bouquets are available for those who want to send a high-flying message.

Stewman, who has been giving mother’s day gifts for “many years” said there is one important lesson he has learned over the years.

“You have to do something,” he said. “Even if it is small and at the last minute.”