Cathedral sisters enjoy each other on field and off

Published 12:01 am Thursday, May 20, 2010

NATCHEZ — Batman and Robin may have been called the dynamic duo, but Cathedral has a duo of their own, and while they don’t fight crime, they have been a terror for opponents on the softball field.

Sisters Betsy and Ginny Daggett, who were given the moniker “The Daggett Duo” by a teammate, have been competing with and against each other since they could pick up a bat and glove.

“Whenever you see one of us, you expect to see the other,” Ginny said.

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Betsy, a senior outfielder, and Ginny, a sophomore shortstop and pitcher, helped Cathedral win its district and advance to the second round of the playoffs in softball, and also helped lead the girls track team to a fourth place finish in the Class 1A state track meet, taking runner-up spots in three different individual or relay events.

They also played on the basketball team in the fall.

“Our whole life is sports,” Betsy said. “The seasons all run into each other, and sometimes we’re playing two at a time.”

In fact, the sisters, who live in Jonesville, probably stay at Cathedral more than their own house during the school year.

“We don’t know what it’s like to go home after school,” Ginny said. “We’re always at practice for one sport or another.”

But that’s just fine for the sisters, who basically have a family reunion every day on the softball field or running track.

And it has been like that for years.

“Sports really brings us together,” Betsy said. “That’s helped us get really close. When we were little the whole family would come out and watch us play against each other in the yard.”

Yes, they may love each other, but that doesn’t quell their competitive spirit any.

“At the (Cathedral) sports banquet, both of us got MVP in track,” Betsy said. “(Master of ceremonies) Walt Brown said it was a good choice to give it to both of us because if one of us got it, the other would challenge her to a race to prove she was faster.”

And that competitiveness has helped the girls on the field, where they have been a thorn in the side of opponents for years.

“After a game against Bogue Chitto, their coach came up to us and said ‘When are you going to graduate? I’ve seen you out here for so long,’” Betsy said. “People know us when we go places. Last year during basketball season, Rachel Smilo gave us the nickname ‘The Daggett Duo.’ It’s never just one of us. We’re always referred to as the Daggetts.”

But unfortunately, the ‘Daggett Duo’ is coming to an end at Cathedral.

Betsy will be graduating on Friday, leaving Ginny to carry the Daggett mantra alone during basketball, softball and track season for the next two years.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be without her,” Ginny said. “I’ve never played high school sports without her. Every single sport I’ve played in high school has been with (Betsy) on the team. It’s going to be weird looking out in centerfield next season and not seeing my sister.”

It will also be a different experience for Betsy, who is undecided on a college choice or if she will play softball in college. For the first time in many years, she won’t be running from practice to practice with her sister.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t play (softball),” Betsy said. “I’m definitely going to come to as many (Cathedral) games as I can to watch Ginny and cheer her on.”

But while the ‘Daggett Duo’ is over at Cathedral, a new nickname might begin circulating the Green Wave softball circles next season.

“I guess we’re the ‘Daggett Uno’ now,” Ginny said.