Natchez man charged with attempted murder in Vidalia

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 20, 2010

VIDALIA — A Natchez man is charged with attempted murder in connection with the May 8 shooting of a teenager in Vidalia.

Damien K. Davis, 22, 12 Phillip West Road, Natchez, was arrested on charges of attempted second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a firearm Tuesday.

The shooting happened on Vidal St, and the victim — a 17-year-old male — was struck in the upper right shoulder.

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At the time, no witnesses came forward, but Police Chief Ronnie G. “Tapper” Hendricks said witness statements made since then led police to identify Davis as the alleged shooter.

No motive has been established in the shooting, Hendricks said.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office assisted in Davis’ arrest.

Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said Adams County investigators and deputies accompanied Vidalia police officers to the Phillip West Road residence and made the initial arrest for them.

“They made the arrest and brought him back, (Davis) signed a waiver of extradition and he was transported to Vidalia,” Mayfield said.

When investigators questioned the suspect about the shooting, he reportedly admitted to being the gunman, Hendricks said.

“Hopefully, this will send a message that if you come over here messing around, you will get in trouble and you will get caught,” he said. “We don’t tolerate that.”

The police chief thanked the ACSO for its cooperation, and said his investigators had to work hard to gather the information because of the reluctance of witnesses to talk about the incident.

“I want to live safe and I don’t want to live in fear, and I don’t get it that they don’t want to talk,” he said.

Davis was detained on a $110,000 bond Wednesday.