Weekend dotted with bass tourneys

Published 11:45 pm Saturday, May 22, 2010

A couple of bass club tournaments are scheduled for this weekend. Concordia Bass Club was on Bayou Louis near Sicily Island, La., Saturday.

The club launched from the landing known as The Rocks. I’ll have the results in next week’s column or you can log onto www.fishingwitheddie.com.

Bayou Louis is half lake and half bayou. If you head east, the bayou opens up into a small lake. This area offers some very deep water cover. Visible cover is sparse but don’t let that fool you. There is plenty of cover not visible from the surface and you can locate this cover and the fish with a good sonar unit.

Years ago I spent some time in this area and found some nice fish near The Rocks. The Rocks has a bit of interesting history. Centuries ago band of Choctaw Indians built a walkway across the bayou consisting of rocks hauled in from the hills of what is now called Harrisonburg.

When the dam was built several years ago the rock cross-over was flooded. I studied the maps, history of this lake on the Internet and along with a bit of help from a sonar unit, I found the actually location of The Rocks.

If you can find this area try deep diving crankbaits that will cover the 15 to 20 feet depths. Big bass like to hang out around the rocks feeding on crawfish. The rocks also attack huge schools of shad.

Bass like to feed on the crawfish and shad. If you look real close across from the landing you can see some of the rocks along the shoreline. Going west of the landing the lake narrows down into a bayou with several smaller bayous, drains and cuts. This is shallow water fishing at its best.

Try pitching and flipping jigs and soft plastics as well as spinnerbaits. There is plenty of visible cover in the bayou in the form of cypress trees and logs. Bayou Louis is better known for its population of big slab white perch than the bass. Just fish the visible cover with live minnows or your favorite jigs.

The Miss-Lou Bass Club will fish the Saline/Larto Complex today. Again I’ll have the results of this event in next week’s column or you can visit our Web site. I heard some good reports on the white perch fishing on Wallace Lake.

This small landlocked river oxbow is a sleeper lake meaning the locals don’t talk much about it and really don’t like me writing about Wallace Lake. But this is what I do, share the information I can gather to help all catch fish.

There’s a great surface bite going with the bass on Lakes St. John and Concordia as well. Try topwater lures and SPRO Frogs or anyone of the many lures designed to fish over and around surface matted vegetation and you can catch some big bass on these two lakes.