State test should not be sole standard

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To the state, to the superintendent, to the principals and faculty and to the whole education system, as a parent of two children, I’m writing to let it be known that we as a people have allowed the state test to become a tool of mass destruction to our children of today and tomorrow.

It used to be, long ago, that if a child completed 12 years of school, they qualified to wear their cap and gown and march across the stage and receive a diploma of success. But now that statement has changed and it reads: If a student doesn’t pass the state test, he or she cannot march or graduate with his or her class.

This is very disturbing and upsetting to the students and their parents.

I’m also writing because I have a daughter that has been taught from the beginning of life until this present moment the importance of being educated. She has been in school for 12 years of her life and has been on the honor roll more than once. She has passed all of her classes and made excellent grades. Finally, she has done all that is required to graduate, but because she only missed a couple of points on the state test, she was told she can’t graduate, which is very devastating to any student.

If the state test is going to decide whether a student graduates or not, there is no need for students to go to school for 12 years anymore.

Yolander Davis

Natchez resident