Dossett cousins make All-Star team

Published 12:17 am Thursday, May 27, 2010

JACKSON — For Jordan and Jess Dossett, things are coming full circle in both players’ baseball careers.

The cousins grew up playing tee ball together before starting a cousin rivalry when Jordan went to Trinity Episcopal and Jess went to Huntington School.

However, with their senior seasons behind them, the Dossett duo will once again team up for one last hurrah Saturday in the MAIS Class A All-Star baseball game. Both Jordan and Jess were selected for the South squad, and they have already been prepping themselves for the experience.

“Me and Jordan have been hitting in the cages and practicing throwing and fielding,” Jess said.

“As far as the rivalry goes, every time our schools play each other, we’re always out there talking to each other before the game. When we started playing ball in high school, we liked competing against each other. Now, it’s going to be really fun going up for the All-Star game and playing together.”

Jordan said although they never talked about trying to make the All-Star team together, it was something they both secretly hoped would happen.

“We never really said verbally that we wanted to play together (in this game), but we knew in our minds it was a goal of ours,” Jordan said.

“It’s going to be great. I wouldn’t want to play with anyone else, especially since we grew up playing together. It’s our last game, and it’s a great opportunity for both of us to go out with a bang.”

For Jess, the opportunity to play in the All-Star game is even more special, since he’ll be the last Huntington player to be able to do so with the school closing.

“I guess it really means a lot for the school, being the last All-Star player. I just have to go out there and represent Huntington as well as I can. I don’t really know what to say about it, other than the last little piece of Huntington is playing in the All-Star game,” Jess said.

Jordan, meanwhile, said he’s happy to have overcome a shoulder injury from early in the regular season to be able to have this opportunity.

“I worked hard and went to therapy. I got a cortisone shot and just got done what needed to get done in order to overcome it,” Jordan said.

And both Jordan and Jess know they’ll have their work cut out for them against the North Saturday.

“We both looked at the papers and saw that they have some pretty good players, but we have some pretty good players on our team too. I think it will be a good game,” Jess said.

And Jordan said the South would have to keep the North’s home run capabilities at bay.

“They have a lot of athletes, and I know the North pitching is usually pretty good. They traditionally have a lot of home run hitters, so we definitely have a challenge ahead of us.”

The Class A All-Star game will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday at Smith-Wills Stadium. Centreville’s Brad Jelks was selected for the Classes AA and AAA All-Star game, which will follow the Class A game at 2 p.m.