Federal government has serious issues

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 28, 2010

Is our federal government out of control? We pay federal taxes, which are supposed to be spent on federal projects that are in our national interest.

Why does the federal government pass unfunded mandates that the states have to pay out of our state taxes?

Maybe the states should tell the federal government that unfunded mandates are an infringement on states’ rights.

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Current bailouts are crazy. If we bailout the union pension funds, the teachers’ pension funds, student loans for everyone and excessive state spending like in California, where does the money come from to do it next year?

None of the above have a plan to solve its own problems and shortcomings.

Obama’s solution seems to give everyone a government job, high pay and high pensions.

Who is going to pay for this?

If you think the TEA Party folks are AstroTurf, maybe AstroTurf is better than where we are heading.

Greece’s situation is that their economy cannot support government jobs and pensions without cuts.

Seems like California is next, followed by the rest of us.

Henry R. Gaude

Natchez resident