Bike Rodeo set for June 14 at Co-Lin

Published 12:19 am Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you remember how you felt riding your first bicycle? I remember the sense of freedom it gave me. My friends and I would ride our bicycles all day stopping only for meals until our parents made us quit for the day because it was too dark to see!

Unfortunately, this is an experience most of our children have missed. They are living in the age of TV and video games, which has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle.

At Co-Lin we are offering an opportunity to get our kids moving! On Monday, June 14 we are sponsoring a bicycle rodeo on our campus. The kids will have a chance to learn important safety tips as well as enjoy fun riding activities to help with their bike handling skills.

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Our goal is to get the kids excited about riding their bicycles and give them the tools they need to be safe while leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Experienced cyclists from the Natchez Bicycle Club and American Bicycle League Certified Instructors have volunteered to work with the kids. All participants will learn how to do a bike mechanical check and they will also receive a bicycle helmet that will be theirs to keep.

The rodeo is open to all youth ages 5-14 and even bikes with training wheels are welcome.

Registration fee is $10 and pre-registration is required.

Drinks and snacks will be provided along with a special goody bag for everyone.

Hours are 8:30 a.m. to noon, and if you need to bring your bicycle to Co-Lin before Monday morning special arrangements can be made.

Along with the bicycle rodeo, Co-Lin is offering another opportunity to help children get on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. Our Kids College program is offering “Healthy from the Inside-Out!” June 15-18 from 9 a.m. to noon.

The instructor, Shannon Doughty, has many fun activities planned to promote fitness, healthy eating, handling stress and the importance of taking care of their bodies.

And take advantage of other Kids College programs such as American Red Cross babysitter training, arts and crafts, guitar, reading, math, basket weaving, computer camp and sewing.

For more information or to register please contact me at 601-446-1103 or e-mail

Beth Richard is the Co-Lin Kids College coordinator.