Ridgecrest house destroyed by fire

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 31, 2010

RIDGECREST — A Ridgecrest home burned down Sunday morning, reportedly originating from an air conditioner in a back room.

Crews from the Concordia Parish Fire District No. 2 arrived at 373 Green Acres Road at approximately 10 a.m. to control the fire.

Lillian McCurdy, a neighbor, didn’t witness the fire’s beginning, but did have an unexpected visitor that morning, when the boy who lived at 373 Green Acres came rushing through her door.

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“I knew something was wrong from the expression on the little boy’s face,” McCurdy said. “He must have ran all the way from his house at the end of the road.”

McCurdy said he must have dialed 911, because the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene first. She said the fire started from the air conditioner in the boy’s room.

The boy’s father, the primary resident, was in Jackson this morning, McCurdy said.

The Concordia Parish Fire District No. 2 could not release any information at this time.