Let your leaders hear your voice

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before everyone gets too scattered pursuing summer vacations and activities, the Natchez/Adams County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a $10 Dutch-treat legislative breakfast at the Natchez Eola Hotel at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning.

As the official 2010 session came to an end, many tough questions had to be answered at the state level as legislators endeavored to allocate funds from a much-diminished budget to a vast array of entities which provide essential services to the citizens of Mississippi. Our legislators fought hard to fund departments and organizations which are crucial to the survival of southwest Mississippi, they reacted quickly and efficiently to a specific request to permit reorganization of our EDA, and they were always available to discuss and address numerous individual needs and concerns.

Our legislators are well aware of the fact that many difficult days lie ahead as our state struggles to regain a solid economic foothold, and they need to hear from you in order to assure that the decisions they make truly reflect the needs and wishes of the people they represent.

In addition, huge questions loom over preserving the environment on our coast; and even closer to home, the possibility that we may lose our existing rail service.

Both of our senators — Bob Dearing and Kelvin Butler — and all of our representatives — Sam Mims, Robert Johnson and Angela Cockerham — are planning to be in attendance.

This response is a testament to the commitment these elected officials have made to service, and the importance they place on these opportunities to have frank, face-to-face discussions with the people they represent.

Sue Stedman, chairman of the newly formed Natchez Inc., boardthat will lead our new economic development efforts, will also have a few minutes on the program to bring everyone up to speed on the progress of that organization.

We hope you will make time on Monday morning to join us at the Natchez Eola hotel.

Each of us most certainly has a say in how we approach the future and more specifically, the last half of 2010.

Come and be a part the discussion that can shape a bright future for southwest Mississippi.

Stephanie Hutchins is a member of the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce.