Metro Narcotics makes drug bust

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 4, 2010

NATCHEZ — From the outside, Metro Narcotics agents were not impressed with Troy Leake’s shotgun-style residence, but the big screen TV and computers inside suggested a source of income.

Once inside, agents obtained consent to search Leake’s 36 Brenham Ave., residence Thursday afternoon and seized a .380 handgun, which he tried to hide behind the door when agents entered, and drug paraphernalia with cocaine and marijuana residue.

Leading up to the arrest, Metro Narcotics allegedly made an undercover purchase of cocaine from Leake, 29, which led to the agents knocking on his door.

While on the premises, someone sent Leake a text message asking him if he’s “got herb?” When Agent Greg Jackson asked Leake if he sold cocaine or marijuana, he denied it, even after his paraphernalia tested positive on the spot for having cocaine residue.

Metro Narcotics Commander David Lindsey said typically people who are arrested on undercover buys do deny the allegations until agents show them the video.

Lindsey said even though Leake was not a major drug dealer, it was important to get him off the street.

“When people call us and say they are scared to let their children outside or they are scared to do things outdoors, we have to act,” Lindsey said.

Chris Groom, 34, was arrested at his parent’s 320 Eastmoor Drive residence shortly thereafter. Groom refused to consent to a search, but agents recovered a small amount of marijuana from his house that was in plain view.

“It was packaged and ready to go,” Lindsey said.

“He is called ‘The Weed Man’,” Jackson said. “He typically sells weed from inside his red (Ford) Mustang. He pulls it out from under his seat.”

Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield he is continuing to push the small drug arrests, even as the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Narcotics continues to investigate major drug dealers.

“The way I see it is the more drug arrests you make, the less overall violent crime you will have,” Mayfield said. “It won’t happen overnight, but eventually all crimes will decrease.”

Lindsey said major drug operations typically take six to eight months.

Mayfield said he still has more warrants, which could lead to more arrests in the coming days.

Leake was arrested on charges of one count sale of cocaine, and Groom was arrested on charges of selling marijuana in a school zone.