Oil leak can’t compare to alien leak

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 4, 2010

So much yack yack (liberal government whining) has been occurring about the oil leak that is bound to happen once every decade or so.

What if we just take a close look at a certain parallel. The oil leak is not good or wanted. The illegal alien leak from Mexico is not good or wanted.

The oil leak is expensive. The illegal alien leak is expensive.

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The oil leak killed people and destroys. The illegal alien leak kills people and destroys.

The accidental oil leak may be illegal. The purposeful alien leak is illegal by definition.

The oil leak is “an ecological crime.” The illegal alien leak causes thousands of felony crimes.

Did I mention it’s a felony to be in Mexico illegally (that is without papers)?

The oil leak will be stopped and tactics are being tried daily. The illegal alien leak has lasted for decades.

The oil leak is being used for political power play and government meddling.

The illegal alien leak is being used for potential political voter gain so the government meddles instead of sealing the leak.

Isn’t it odd how some leaks are an outrage while others are “your bad attitude”?

Always keep in mind secular socialism can only be sold using distractions, lies and smears.

Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident