As first pitch nears, energy grows

Published 12:04 am Sunday, June 6, 2010

Decades of talk are quickly turning into actions with a long overdue community investment in recreation.

Plans for new recreation complexes on both sides of the river are under way, and both look like great investments in our community’s future and quality of life.

In Vidalia, plans are well off the ground with the support of an overwhelming majority of the public. Vidalia voters agreed to extend an existing recreation sales tax for 40 years to solidify funding for the project.

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The progress in Vidalia is impressive and should serve as inspiration for the volunteers who are leading the charge in Natchez-Adams County.

In Adams County, three-quarters of the voters last November supported the idea of creating a new recreation complex, funded by the city, the county and the Natchez-Adams School District.

Although Adams County’s new recreation dreams are still in the planning phase, the mandate from the voters was clear: Stop talking about recreation and do something about it.

It’s refreshing that our community is finally starting to catch up on an area of community development that is woefully behind the times.

When the new complexes are finished, both will serve two critical needs. First and foremost, the complexes will serve our community’s youth by offering improved quality of life.

Second, the complexes can have significant economic impact, both through the potential for attracting outsiders to come here to play tournaments, but also as a lure for companies who are seeking to relocate their businesses.

A new recreation complex clearly sends the message that the community cares about its citizens.