Leaders must set example for children

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A wake-up call to the leaders and elders all over this world of today: The young men, women, boys and girls need our help in all walks of life.

We are living in troubled times right now with so much going on in this world. We as leaders should teach and preach what they need to hear, whether they want to hear or take heed. It’s up to us to put it out there, to let them know the world is real. Let the unsaved people that have not confessed to Christ know that God loves them as he loves the saved ones in Christ.

Some of the elders need Christ as well as the young men, women, boys and girls. As a leader, I am here to help everyone who needs God on their side.

God loves all of us whether we are saved or not. God’s promise is real. God’s greatest love is for us to have the same love He has. The greatest commandment was love and still is. God doesn’t change. If anyone changes, it’s us. Remember when it rains on the unjust, it’s raining on the just still.

We as leaders and elders know this is a real world. Speaking about God’s words is real. I also let the parents know they have to have respect for themselves in order to gain respect from parents and others. God made everything and it was good.

The world is beautiful, but we as a people make the world. God gave us a choice — we either take the narrow road where there won’t be to many or the wide road there will be many. Children, you all can be whatever you wanted to be. Stand tall in life with Jesus holding your hands. It’s a great thing in this life. Seek God and all things will be added to you.

We as leaders and elders, we should be able to speak to young men, women, boys and girls on how to carry themselves. Those that don’t have parents to give them advice about life need us. That’s what God wanted his leaders to do when they’re needed. That’s where church leaders and elders come in teaching and preaching God’s words.

Let all ages know what it takes to be someone out of the wilderness who comes into the fold because Jesus loves us all. We as leaders are not supposed to put young people down because we were young at one time and it took praying parents and saints of God to bring us out of the wilderness and into the fold.

God is the only one who can solve the problems in our lives. When problems come in our lives all the time, people who don’t have a covering from Jesus Christ face bad times alone.

They should want to serve God, almighty God. Most people don’t know God. But to know God they have to be born again in the spirit of truth. The holy spirit is a guide for all of us to go by. Concerned parents go all the way teaching their children right from wrong, teaching them about the role model, about Jesus Christ.

Some children want to be like the children of the world. As leaders in this life, we have children with issues here and everywhere.

The only thing we can do is pray for our children and look to the hill from which comes our help.

Pastor Lula Warfield is a Natchez resident.