Public isn’t a fan of political sport

Published 10:42 pm Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buck passing is the public’s least favorite spectator sport, but that’s never stopped politicians from a quick game.

The latest round of play began at the Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday as board members discussed reimbursement dollars for Hurricane Gustav cleanup.

Yes, we said Gustav, the storm that hit the Miss-Lou nearly two years ago.

It seems the county has yet to turn in the proper paperwork to receive state reimbursement dollars from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

By all accounts, MEMA is ready and willing to send approximately $200,000 to Adams County; the county just hasn’t offered an outstretched hand to take it.

Board members admitted that the county has been slow on this matter, but then they passed the buck.

It was former County Administrator Cathy Walker who was supposed to handle this matter, board President Darryl Grennell said. Walker never did it.

But what the spectators must have missed when the buck flew by was a report on the number of times the county’s governing body — the board — followed up with Mrs. Walker to make sure the task got done and an analysis on why their management style on this matter obviously failed.

Any manager — or any parent — knows assigning a task simply isn’t enough.

Pointing out the fault of a former employee wasn’t necessary. Obviously at least five other people are just as guilty of extreme tardiness on this matter, and the taxpayers aren’t in the mood for a game.