Blaming an employee is low blow

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 11, 2010

I read The Democrat’s front page article on Tuesday. I was disgusted to the point of outrage by board President Darryl Grennell’s attempt to put all blame on former County Administrator Cathy Walker.

I consider Mr. Grennell’s statement to be absurd. The county administrator’s job description previously published in The Democrat on March 2 at Grennell’s behest, makes it perfectly clear that the county administrator must rigidly “follow the orders” and meet the expectations of the board of supervisors.

When things go wrong, management must take responsibility and cannot just try to put all blame on an employee.

For two years the board failed to see to it that the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency got the information it needed in order to reimburse the board and the Adams County taxpayers for $200,000.

The board should have seen to this, whatever it took.

If Cathy wasn’t doing her job (which I have very good reason to believe was absolutely not the case), the board should have tended to the matter.

Now, I just read The Democrat’s excellent Wednesday editorial and was gratified to see that The Democrat’s management sees the unacceptably of “the board’s” position on the matter.

Citizens should be very concerned about the flags the present board keeps throwing up; the list is long.

Lynn Wirtz

Adams County resident