Waste Management to assume garbage contract

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 11, 2010

NATCHEZ — Waste Management will take over Preferred Transport’s garbage disposal contract with Adams County in July, but the only change county customers should see is a new logo on the trucks.

Waste Management, a national garbage disposal company, is in the final stage of buying out local company Preferred Transport.

Adams County signed a new five-year contract with Preferred Transport in 2008. The company had held the county contract since 2003.

Adams County Board of Supervisors President Darryl Grennell said the funds the supervisors have budgeted for garbage will not change, so county garbage collection bills will stay the same.

“The reality is that we should not see any changes,” Grennell said. “I don’t see anyone’s service being disrupted.

“Since I have been on the board, Waste Management has had the contract several times, and we never had any problems with them.”

Waste Management Mississippi Media Spokesperson Buford Clark said he doesn’t foresee anything changing.

“We plan on hiring the same employees,” Clark said. “Part of our plan is to utilize the existing people and routes.”

Clark said Preferred Transport will continue to run the routes until July 1, when Waste Management will start and will continue to serve as the county’s garbage collector until the contract runs out on May 31, 2013.

“Right now, we don’t own Preferred Transport,” Clark said. “Basically it is a business deal that is in the making.”

Grennell said Waste Management’s curbside recycling program is something he would love to see in the county.

“Working toward recycling is a possibility if we sit down and talk to them about it,” Grennell said. “I am open to it — I have always been supportive of recycling.”

Grennell said garbage contract buyouts have happened before, and he isn’t fearful that competitiveness could leave the market.

“Last time, three companies bid for the contract,” Grennell said. “And you never know, a new company could start. Preferred Transport did not always exist.”

Preferred Transport Owner Lewis Jones declined to comment.