Fenwick double murder still a priority for ACSO

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 19, 2010

NATCHEZ — The 5-month-old double murder from the Fenwick area is still fresh on the minds of Adams County Sheriff’s Office investigators.

Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said investigators have three suspects in the case, none of which were originally pegged as persons of interest during the early part of the investigation.

Mayfield said none of the suspects were inside the place of residence, 5 East St., when the shooting broke out, but he said the investigation could lead to an arrest on someone in the house.

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Mayfield said evidence, of which he would not release, has been processed by the crime labs with which the sheriff’s office is working. The labs, run by both the state and a private company, are still working on subsequent DNA evidence from the suspects.

Investigator Ricky Stevens said work on this case has burned up many late nights, but he still feels good about the progress investigators are making.

“I feel confident we will solve it before too long,” Stevens said.

Mayfield sad this case is difficult because witnesses have not been entirely forthcoming.

Two masked men allegedly entered the house intent on getting the $52,000 disability settlement the late Carl Williams, 50, had received. Mayfield said the $52,000 was the first of two checks in the settlement.

Williams, 50, and Stephanie Anderson, 19, died on the scene. Anderson was shot while helping Tina Garner, 16, out the window. Garner was also shot.

Dora Lee, 39, who had been pistol-whipped at the scene, died a few weeks later from unrelated causes.

The sheriff’s office would not release the suspects’ names.