Night of jazz set to benefit Red Cross

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I was touched recently by a story told from another Red Cross Chapter at the scene of a house fire. A firefighter and a Red Cross worker were standing side by side, amazed by the damage to what used to be someone’s home.

The firefighter said to the Red Cross worker: “Poor family, I wonder what happens next for them?” The Red Cross worker replied, “We’re next.”

As the director for Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross, I am so proud that we have been “next” for so many families in the Adams County area and will continue to be “next” for many years to come with community support.

All Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. Such assistance includes providing temporary shelter, food, clothing and emotional support. We are not federally funded. We depend solely on the American people to help us do our jobs.

For this reason, I am asking the community to help us help others by attending a relaxing evening of jazz featuring “Muzik-N-Action.”

The citizens of our service areas responded in extraordinary ways to the Haiti disaster relief efforts. These funds were agreatly needed and virtually 100 percent of the money was directed to the Haiti relief efforts. The Adams County Chapter was proud to assist you, your churches and organizations with sending your donations to Haiti. The chapter applauds the citizens of southwest Mississippi for your compassion to give, and we ask that you show the same compassion for this fundraiser. We are in need of support to continue our essential services. Your vital support is greatly needed with our upcoming fundraiser.

This event will be Saturday at the Natchez Convention Center. Admission is $25. This includes a social hour with music and refreshments, a silent auction until 9 p.m., and a concert from 7 to 11 p.m. Purchase a ticket at regular price and get second for $5 and bring a friend. If you have already purchased a ticket you can get a second for $5.

Tickets can be purchased at Adams County Chapter, 211 N. Union St., Natchez, MS 39120 or call 601-442-3656.

The Adams County Chapter is moving forward to become even more responsive to the needs of our communities, and we are grateful for our donors and partners who provide so much support to the American Red Cross year after year.

Debra Davis is the executive director of the Adams County Chapter of the Red Cross.