Naked man arrested after struggle

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NATCHEZ — Cory Wayne Renfrow’s alleged nude journey into the white light landed him in a city jail cell early Tuesday morning.

At approximately 1 a.m., Sgt. Gary Nations and Officers Marcus White and Fredrick Lane were dispatched to McNeely Road and Oak Hill Drive, where they found Renfrow, 22, walking on the sidewalk nude.

When Nations asked Renfrow to stop, Renfrow continued walking.

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When White and Lane arrived on the scene, Nations got in front of Renfrow and ordered the officers to “take (Renfrow) down” as they approached Renfrow from behind.

“The suspect was wet with sweat and although he was taken down in the grass off the sidewalk, all three of us were able to get the suspect under control, but were unable to handcuff him,” Nations stated in his written report.

Nations stated Renfrow was unwilling to cooperate, forcing Nations to spray Renfrow with a half-second burst of pepper spray. When Renfrow attempted to resume walking, White pepper sprayed Renfrow a second time.

“(The pepper spray) had very little effect on the suspect,” Nations stated. “The suspect said, ‘I have to keep walking toward the light’ and stated he was God.”

White and Lane attempted to handcuff Renfrow again, Renfrow remained uncooperative and Nations struck Renfrow several times on the left shin.

“(The strikes) broke the skin, but still had very little effect on controlling the suspect,” Nations stated.

White and Lane eventually got handcuffs on Renfrow — one set on each arm. Nations then called for a set of leg irons, which Officer Jimmy Molphus delivered to the scene. It took approximately 10 to 15 minutes — and all four officers — to arrest Renfrow and escort him to White’s patrol car.

Once in the patrol car, Renfrow began kicking the windows, damaging the window track and a back door.

The officers suffered minor injuries in the arrest, mostly scrapes. White suffered injuries to his right middle finger. Nations claims he “heard something in my neck ‘snap,’” and has pain in the upper back, both shoulders and right arm.

Emergency responders evaluated Renfrow at the city jail and concluded he was under the influence of some type of drugs.

According to reports, Renfrow admitted to using marijuana, Xanax and a drug known as DMX. Renfrow was uncertain if he used additional drugs.

Renfrow, 62 Lost Creek Road, is charged with indecent exposure, resisting arrest, destroying city property and public drunkenness. He is being held on $2,014 bond.