Donation allows NPD to purchase police dog

Published 12:08 am Saturday, June 26, 2010

NATCHEZ — A Natchez doctor has made it possible for the police department to add a new, four-legged officer.

When Dr. Vikram Dulam, who has been in Natchez for eight years, found out that the Natchez Police Department was $6,000 short of the money needed to buy a second police dog, he decided that he had the means to correct the situation.

“I truly think the K-9 unit is a great service to the community and city,” said Dulam, a board-certified cardiologist. “When we have the means to help out the community like this, we will.”

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Officer Brian Seyfarth, who has been without his K-9 partner for the last eight months, said he was happy to have someone like Dulam in the community.

“Dr. Dulam is really going above and beyond,” Seyfarth said. “I know he likes to do things to help the community out, but this is really a great donation.”

Police Chief Mike Mullins said it was fantastic that Dulam was willing to make that kind of contribution to the community.

“We expect to be able to place an order for the dog in the next two weeks,” he said.

After they purchase the dog, it will go through five weeks of training, including working with Seyfarth at a camp in Oklahoma.

Police dogs are trained to do drug work, tracking, criminal apprehension and a variety of other tasks that assist the department’s officers in crime prevention and investigation. The dogs can be called in to help track children or others that are lost.

Seyfarth’s K-9 companion Rex retired eight months ago, and is currently residing at Seyfarth’s parent’s house being spoiled, he said.

Walmart recently donated $1,000 to the cause, and other businesses and residents have contributed to the fund.

It costs $8,900 to purchase and send a police dog through training.