Government is problem, not corporations

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I read an editorial from the Jackson (Tenn.) Sun published in the June 24 edition of The Democrat titled “Corporate America is killing programs.”

The Jackson newspaper’s editorial said corporate America is fighting and killing Social Security and Medicare.

I read in amazement at how the tax breaks, subsidies and deregulation were killing the programs.

Corporations do not establish tax breaks, subsidies and deregulation, our elected officials do.

As to the Social Security and Medicare problems, our elected officials have been looting and under funding these programs for years.

In simple terms, corporations do not pay taxes, their stockholders do. Any tax levied against a corporations is paid out of stockholder monies.

When BP canceled its dividend that went to the pension funds of the California Teachers Union, New York firefighters and other pension funds who owned stock — and also maybe your grandmother, who owned BP stocks, lost that income.

The only reason the Jackson Sun published the article was to stir up controversy, or it was published in stupidity, and “there ain’t no cure for stupid.”

Henry R. Gaudé

Natchez resident