District is not wisely using tax money

Published 12:15 am Sunday, July 4, 2010

It is hard to believe that the Natchez-Adams School District would even consider entertaining a tax increase for the schools in light of the current conditions in our city, county and nation.

Public schools have become the perfect model for what a socialist entity is and for what a Socialist society will look like after hard and turbulent times have passed.

We now try to educate the students, feed them, referee them, train them for a piece of the sports pie, provide daily security, babysit them, haul them around like a cab company, look at their butts hanging out the back of their pants, watch the girls see how low they can get the front of their pants, listen to their disgusting filthy talk and, most recently, plan to provide their medical needs at a local clinic. Does anyone think that it might be time for the kids to step up and show us some sign of accountability and progress? I say, yes! What do you want from people who keep dishing out their hard-earned monies, monies that go straight down the drain?

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Our city and county are in deep trouble, and it’s going to get worse fast.

If you want to engage in educational activities, try teaching people what they will need to do when there are no more government checks, no more government money, no guarantee of a next bite of food, no jobs, no way to earn even a thin dime and nothing ahead that would give hope that things will get better. This will probably be all the education they will need.

Money spent on our schools is wasted money. Schools in Adams County will never work, they were destined to never work from the time the 1954 decision was made. There was never a “plan” considered or initiated that would make such a life-changing event have a remote chance for success.

Sorry, folks, but you’re throwing good, hard to come by money after bad.

I, too, wish things could be different. They aren’t and its time to realize that they aren’t. We have got to put a stop to this terrible waste of money before our community, state and nation are on our knees with nobody (on earth) to turn to. At that point, it will be too late.

The school administrators have shown that they are totally naked of any hint of fiscal responsibility, naked of the slightest hint of basic economics and dyslexic of any sense of fruitful direction.

It has only been a week or two ago that an article appeared in The Democrat saying that the NASD was going to initiate a health care plan for students.

What’s even more amazing is that they had “surplus” monies at that time to pay the athletic coaches lots of extra money to run a summer weight/spa program for athletes. Does this sound like a school system with a budget deficit? I think that all athletic events should be put on hold until some signs of academic progress can be accomplished.

One would think that if professional educators had extra money that they would invest those monies in tutoring programs for a failed school system. Where are these peoples’ forethought and visions coming from?

The whole board should be run out of town for even thinking about a tax increase. They have the authority to do this. The question now is will they come to their senses before their vote scheduled for Thursday?

If one could take baskets and pick up the stupidity of our leadership, they could harvest enough to cover the earth tenfold.

Leave my basket alone.

Bob Buie Sr.

Natchez resident