Toronto options Hoffpauir to Triple A

Published 2:54 pm Sunday, July 4, 2010

LAS VEGAS — Vidalia native Jarrett Hoffpauir was optioned by the Toronto Blue Jays to Triple A Las Vegas 51s Friday.

Hoffpauir, who hit .214 in just 28 at-bats for the Blue Jays, was sent down to make room for infielder Edwin Encarnacion. His optioning came after going 2-for-4 against the Yankees Friday in a 6-1 win at Yankee Stadium.

Hoffpauir’s father, Vidalia baseball coach Johnny Lee Hoffpauir, said he was disappointed in the decision, and that it was based solely on money

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“Encarnacion has a $5 million contract there, and just three weeks ago, they tried everything in the world to get rid of it, and they couldn’t,” Johnny Lee Hoffpauir said.

“(Encarnacion) hasn’t produced, but they’re stuck with him. That’s the nature of pro sports: They’ll bring that $5 million player up.”

Johnny Lee Hoffpauir also said 28 at-bats was too small of a sample size for them to really see what they had in his son.

“He got two hits (Friday), and he raised his average 40 points. A few balls in the outfield that guys don’t make great catches on, and he’s hitting .300,” Johnny Lee Hoffpauir said.

“I’m hurting for Jarrett, and when parents can get upset with me (as a coach), I understand how they can. But I don’t want Jarrett to give up on this, and I don’t think he will.”

Jarrett Hoffpauir is currently hitting .328 for the 51s. He did not play Saturday.