Animal House boat takes top prize

Published 12:31 am Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LAKE ST. JOHN — The winners of the annual Lake St. John Flotilla were a bit on the wild side.

Out of 36 boats and 18 piers that were decorated for the flotilla, the boat themed “Animal House,” decorated by Max Jackson, Drew Loomis and John Loomis, was the overall winner.

But winners were also judged in two large boat categories, patriotic and non-patriotic, a small boat category and a pier category.

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There were 31 large boats that entered the two categories, and Greg Williams’ “Land of the Free,” came in first place for patriotic large boat, which is a pontoon boat or larger.

Tim and Becky Burns’ “Jersey Shore” theme took first place for non-patriotic large boats.

The winner for small watercraft, a category that includes fishing boats, ski boats and personal watercraft, was Ryan Brusher’s “Fourth of July” theme.

Scott Kimbrell’s “Christmas in July” theme was the judges’ pick for best-decorated pier.

Michael Ferguson, who is in charge of the prizes, said some of the prizes remained unclaimed Monday, and winners should contact him at 601-870-6175 to collect prizes, which include plaques and gift certificates.

Other winners include:


Second place — “Patriotic,” Greg Williams.

Third place — “Firecracker Fun,” George Prince.


Second place — “Rigged for Fishing,” Kathy Rowcee.

Third Place — “Oyster Bar,” Krewe of St. John.

Small watercraft

Second place — “Barbie Gone Wild,” Katheryn Laird.

Third place — “No Theme,” Reed Clapper.


Second place — “It’s 5 O’Clock in the Who Dat Nation,” Valerie Tosspon.

Third place — “Patriotic,” Tim McCary and Mitch Scroggins.