Adams County purchasing clerk Wilson retires

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 10, 2010

NATCHEZ — Former Adams County Purchasing Clerk Rosa Wilson said she wouldn’t trade her time working in Adams County for anything.

Wilson recently retired from the position of purchasing clerk, a position she had filled for five years.

“I will miss the people I worked with the most,” Wilson said. “Most of the people I have worked with have really been a joy. They do what they can to keep you going and make you have a lot of fun, even though the job is really stressful.”

Wilson said she managed the stress by taking it hour by hour.

“You just do what you can do and try to do it the best you can,” Wilson said. “The best advice to a future purchasing clerk is to not take anything personally.

“You just need to know when they requisition something, they want it, and you just do it by the law book.”

Adams County Board of Supervisors President Darryl Grennell said Wilson did a good job for the county.

“She was just truly an asset to the county,” Grennell said. “She was very meticulous, made sure she crossed every t and dotted every i.

“Any time she was in doubt about something, she would always consult with state auditor’s department. We are going to miss her as the purchasing clerk.”

Wilson said she liked working for the supervisors.

“I can truly say, 100 percent, that I got along with all five of the supervisors,” she said.

Grennell said Wilson’s Assistant Purchasing Clerk Francis Bell has been appointed as the interim purchasing clerk for a 45-day period.

Bell could be appointed permanently after the 45-day period, based on the recommendation of County Administrator Charlie Brown and if Bell gets certified in purchasing law.

Wilson was appointed to the position five years ago, after serving as the assistant county purchasing clerk for several years.

Before she worked as the assistant county purchasing clerk, she worked as the program director at the Boys and Girls Club.