Natchez inmates injured in milk fight

Published 11:28 pm Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NATCHEZ — Two Natchez City Jail inmates have been treated and released from the hospital after an altercation over a wholesome drink.

According to police reports, Michael Chatman allegedly confronted and attacked Brian Johnson about extra milk cartons Johnson removed from a cooler inside the jail Monday.

When Chatman allegedly began punching Johnson, a third inmate, Travion Williams, decided to intervene.

Johnson and Williams both claim Chatman used two shank knives in the attack — one metal and one plastic.

Johnson suffered cuts to both arms and a cut behind the ear. Williams suffered cuts to his back and abdomen. Both men were treated and released from Natchez Regional Medical Center Monday.

Police Chief Mike Mullins said the jail is frequently searched for contraband and weapons. Mullins would not disclose how often the jail is searched because he prefers inmates not know the schedule.

“Occasionally we do find something used as a stabbing instrument,” Mullins said.

Chatman now faces simple assault charges in addition to his previous charge of sexual battery.

Johnson and Williams are both in jail on charges of grand larceny.