City can certainly clean up its image

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When I last ran for alderman in Ward 1, Democrat Publisher Kevin Cooper asked me if I would continue to be a community activist after the election, and I told him I would.

I realize beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and perhaps I micromanage things, but I am appalled at how some of our downtown stores have trash and grass in front of them.

I once suggested that store owners keep the area in front of their stores clean and void of grass. Retailers stay concerned on how the inside of their store looks, but equally as well, they should be focused on the entrance.

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Just this morning, as I drove downtown, I saw several areas where grass was growing over curbs and cracks in the sidewalk.

There is a saying, “perception is reality,” and I for one am guilty of believing this.

Recently an appeal was made to clean areas around our houses, etc., and I believe this is a good idea. In keeping streets cleaned with the street sweeper more times than not I see Monroe Street neglected, especially behind Stanton Hall.

I also have written, as well as voiced opinion, on the number of streetlights that are out, especially on the entrances to our city.

I am told that no one with Entergy checks the status of lights and my suggestion is that if Entergy doesn’t want to pay an employee to check on them, then let a salaried city person do the job. I will continue to do my part in putting red ribbons around poles and sending a list to Entergy.

I also see lights burned out around some of our public buildings, such as the Juvenile Detention Center, sheriff’s office and city auditorium. I would like someone to look into installing more lights in Memorial Park for security purposes.

If we are going to continue to be a tourist town, then more efforts need to be put forth.

Jim Sanders

Natchez resident