Reunion was great way to give back

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you need proof that it doesn’t take a lot of people to make a big impact in our community, consider this: three middle-aged women came up with an idea 15 months ago to get childhood friends together. As of today, that one idea has pumped more than $44,000 back to local vendors, provided more than 300 non-perishable items to local food pantries, and impacted three very needy charities by several thousands of dollars.

This doesn’t include the bookings in hotels, downtown retail and restaurant sales or other purchases made.

What was gained in the numerous contacts re-established and childhood memories confirmed is priceless. To see grown men have the opportunity to reconnect with A.C. Williams, their high school baseball coach who influenced several students to go to college, was inspiring.

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Some of us love reading because of Cherie Randall, Lucy Willams, Brenda Williams, Charlie Ross and others who drove from other parts of the country to be at this event. The people who molded and shaped who we became as adults were provided an opportunity to see the end product — that this generation of baby boomers care about our community.

We are so proud of the economic and social impact that our reunion has had on the community and challenge our counterparts to “step up to the plate.”  If all of us focus on the betterment of the community, it can happen!  See you in five years.

Susan Hicks

Natchez native