Man arrested for kidnapping, forging checks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 22, 2010

NATCHEZ — A Natchez man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of kidnapping another man and forcing him to cash counterfeit checks.

Arthur Moore, 35, 144 N. Shields Lane, faces six counts of uttering a forgery and one count of kidnapping. Moore is being held at the Natchez City Jail on $402,000 bond, Lt. Craig Godbold said.

Moore allegedly kidnapped another man in the parking lot of a local convenience store in March, Godbold said.

“There was an individual who owed (Moore) some money,” Godbold said. “(Moore) saw this guy in the parking lot, shows the guy a pistol and tells him to get in the car. Moore tells the guy, ‘You’re going to get me my money.’”

Moore then allegedly drove to Ferriday with the victim in tow. Investigators believe Moore handed the victim three counterfeit checks in the victim’s name, and escorted the victim in three stores in Ferriday to cash the checks.

“Old boy didn’t have a choice,” Godbold said of the victim.

Godbold said evidence suggests Moore produced counterfeit checks using a laptop computer and a printer, and recruited others to cash the checks.

“(Moore) printed the checks and made them out to different people,” Godbold said. “(Moore) gets the major proceeds, and (the recruits) get a minor portion of the check.”

Recruits also took the fall if caught cashing a counterfeit check, allowing Moore to remain anonymous, Godbold said.

Moore is believed to have circulated at least $26,000 in counterfeit checks throughout the Miss-Lou, and is wanted by other law enforcement agencies, Godbold said.